Box Owners :

Offer your members

the best of ’Must Have’ gear

necessary for Cross Training :

Dr. Wod's Wod Pack !

Do you own an affiliated box / garage gym or gym?
Offer Dr Wod's Wod Pack products to your members (beginners / semi-beginners) who are looking for the best value for money !
Wod Pack is an offer of basic gear necessary for the practice of Cross Training (Jump Rope, hand grips, Wrist GuardsWeightlifting Belt and Knee sleeves) for the majority of your members who do not go on competitions and who do not necessarily know where to shop and what to buy.

Take advantage of the fact that you have their attention and trust and offer them directly within your box DR WOD's WOD PACK gear.
Benefits for your members?
Products validated by their coach,
Immediate availability within their box,
Attractive public prices,
An excellent quality / price ratio.

Contact us to discover all the advantages that the Wod Pack represents for you, box owner, and join the dozens of boxes that have already taken the plunge!

Call Chris at +33 428-29-71-36 or by email: